We thinking in terms of opportunities instead of limitations

because success can only be achieved

when having the right supporting management

We offer unique and personally tailored services

  • Corporate Management

    • Goals, Success, Advice, Guidance, Knowledge, ...

  • Counseling Service

    • Life, Health, Career, Business, Employees, ...

  • Talent Management

    • Artists, Singers, Actors, Models, Designer, Acrobats, Sports, ...​

  • Celebrity Management

    • Bookings, Public relations, Support, Advice, ...

  • Music Management

    • Publishing, Distribution, Promotion, Proposals, ...

  • Influencer & Vlogger Management

    • Support to become & career advice, Guiding Management, ...

  • Financial Trading Management 

    • CFDs, Commodities, Currencies, we provide the knowledge you need

Quality You Will Feel & Service You Can Trust

Our Service at a glance


Corporate Management

We support you to start and run your business.


We support you with projects and products as well advice and guide you to eliminate unnassassary costs and pitfalls and expenses.

Our service is directed at established businesses as well as start-up entrepreneurs.

Our Management is tailored to suit your needs our knowledge is wide to span your business field. 

Our expertise is the support.

Business Meeting
A couple at a business meeting

Counseling Service

We counsel individually or in groups


Our life and health counseling are dedicated to those needs in life-related to:

Stress, Anxiety, Addiction, Depression, Bereavement, ...

As well do we counsel individuals or in groups for the needs of:

Employment, Leadership, Management, Stress, Productivity, ...

Talent Management

The best-talented person needs a manager that looks after his career to have a smooth start and buy out maximum productivity for success. 

We look after your needs and manage your career by planning, advising, guiding, and helping with relevant decisions.

Having someone with knowledge, who is steering your career into the right direction is the solution to success.

We support:

Actors, Singers, Artists, Models, Designer, ...

Person checking their laptop

Celebrity Management

It is a very personal responsibility to have a handle a busy career. Driving constant success by dedicated ambition to overlook all aspects of an individual's well-reputated career. 

It's not just a privilege is it watched and unlocked by millions worldwide. 

That's why our management is covering all aspects of your career by having a dedicated manager who supports, guides, advice, cares about you and your career. 

Music Management

We promote, publish, distribute, and propose your music worldwide for streaming, download, and selling to let your music be made known and increase your career. have your music played on radio and online.

You keep 100% rights and royalties and we make sure producers and music labels become aware of you.


Gain fans and a reputation!


Further, we help you to master your songs and can create digital covers and ads!


Amazing we charge only a very competitive one-time fixed fee for our music management services. 

Our Music Production & Publishing Packages

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Music Production
Beauty Vlogger

Influencer & Vlogger Management

We help you to become and manage yourself as Vlogger and Influencer.

You are in focus and we give you needed advice, guidance, and manage your activities to help you increase your success and ambition.

Especially if you are under the legal age of 18 it is important to have a manager look after your safety and have a person with knowledge in the field to look after any pitfalls and traps that may harm you or your career as a vlogger or influencer.

Financial Graphs

Financial Trading Management

Do not kill your money!

Gain knowledge first and eliminate the high risk of losing money. Avoid pitfalls by knowing how to trade and learn tricks to understand movements.

We offer training and advice for a reasonable and competitive fee that helps you to gain success and make financial trading a new career for your life.

We train only individuals since we dedicate our trading training to your personal needs.

Special Offer

Brand Ambassador Wanted

Become a Brand Ambassador Today


Apply to know if you are at least 13 years or older and own an account on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube Channel. You must have a minimum of 1.000 Followers and have to know how to post photos, stories, clips, or videos. Your application needs to confirm/proof your age, add all social media links to your accounts and we reply within 24 - 48 hours.

Apply by WhatsApp 00447411457127 with your details and a good amount of photos and your social media links. Apply by email or find us on social media YesSpect TM

Filming Self Using Mobile Phone

New Models Wanted

You are already in a modeling career and seeking more work or you are a beginner. We have availability for you to join and work for. Brands, Label and Agencies are in need of new faces and we include our full talent and career management in it.

We seek you from age 13+ and all types of backgrounds. No special type any specification is required.

You do not need to look in any way special or be extra tall or slim. You can big or small nowadays the modeling industry seeks all. As well people with a disability are welcome to apply. 

Apply by WhatsApp 00447411457127 with your details and a good amount of photos and your social media links.

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