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  • Talent Management

    • We support Singer, Actor, Model, Entertainer, 

    • Sports person, Artists, Acrobatics, Theatrics, 

    • Blogger, Vlogger, Brand Ambassador,

    • Providing Model Teaching Courses 

    • Set up a career for Newcomers & Beginners

  • Career Management

    • Employee Counseling & Coaching​

    • Career finding support (Youth and Come-backs)

    • Assessment & Directional Advice

  • Corporate Management

    • Entrepreneur Support

    • Business Start-up Support

    • Product Lunch Support

    • Providing Business Teaching Courses

  • Management for VIP's

    • We manage your schedule, books, etc...

    • Promotion & Public Relations Service

  • Music Promotion & Distribution 

    • Making you and your music known worldwide

    • Proposing you to music labels and managers

    • Get you played in Radio and Online Streams

    • Sell your music digital

(You keep 100% Rights & Royalties)

  • Financial market Trading Training

    • Course and Set-up of a financial market account

    • We support the beginner as well as Semi-Professional

  • Counseling Service (Therapy made affordably)

    • To help with Stress​

    • To help with Anxiety

    • To help with Addiction

    • To help with Life direction/course

    • To help with the Result or Consequences of Abuse

  • We help to have a last wish or dream fulfilled

    • For children and adults who do not have a long life left

  • We support the abused victims

    • Counseling and Support Service

  • We provide personal financial advice

    • Courses to learn how to speak and handle money

    • Advice and Support Service

  • We help to overcome and cope with disabilities

    • Stress, Enger, Anxiety, Addiction, etc...


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