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We think in terms of opportunities instead of limitations

because success can only be achieved when having the right counseling & Teaching

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Charitable Support & Help we Provide


Last Wish Help Fund

We provide help, to fulfill a special wish of seriously ill people in the last phase of their lives! We have created a special fund that needs voluntary donations to make this help possible.

You can now help us to build up our Fund by placing a Donation. For those who need a donation receipt, we ask you to send us an email

Donations can be placed via bank transfer or PayPal link, which allows paying by debit or credit card.

Donations can be placed here:

Name: YesSpect Movement

ACC: 156 76 405

SC: 60-83-71

IBAN: GB585RL60837115676405


Or use PayPal to place a donation (also debit or credit card)

Click Here

Private Financial Advice

Many households and individuals are tight with how much they have available to spend every month. Many can not afford to pay for fuel, electricity, or gas.

The monthly earnings are not enough anymore to pay for general life necessaries and needs., leaving many forced into poverty. 


We can help you to handle your available money and advice what option you have to make a change. 

before you become frustrated. let us give you advice and see if we can help you to ease your financial situation.


Help Physical Abused

If you hear or see physical abuse taking place, call the police. The police are the most effective way to remove the immediate danger to the victim and their children. There are no situations in which children should be left in a violent situation.

How does physical abuse affect a person?

Physical abuse may lead to bruises, cuts, welts, burns, fractures, internal injuries, or in the most extreme cases death. The initial impact on children will be the immediate pain and suffering and medical problems caused by the physical injury.

There are multiple ways that help is needed. This can start from shelter to therapy and long-term counseling therapies. There are organizations and associations that provide help as well we do provide help and organize projects to participate in to eliminate traumatizing memories. 

If you know any person that may need help, do not hesitate and help the person to come in contact with us!

Help Domestic Abused

Domestic violence or abuse can happen to anyone.

Domestic violence, also called domestic abuse, includes physical, emotional, and sexual abuse in couple relationships or between family members. Domestic violence can happen against anyone, and anybody can be an abuser. 

You do not have to wait for an emergency situation to find help. If domestic abuse is happening to you, it's important to tell someone and remember you're not alone.

Everyone can be a potential help but professional and secure help will be offered via your GP, Police, and Citizen Advice.

But to help you overcome the after-effect, we are here to help you!

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Help Sexual Abused

Whenever it happened to you it is never too late to get support for sexual abuse or sexual violence. Sexual violence or sexual abuse are ways of describing any unwanted sexual act or activity. 


It does not matter who commits it, where or when it happened, it is never okay, and no one ever deserves for it to happen. If you have experienced sexual violence or abuse there is confidential and independent support available to help you.

Lots of different support is available to help you.

You can:

  • tell someone what happened

  • get help to access services in your local area

  • get emotional support including from trained counselors and therapists

  • get medical support from specially trained doctors, nurses, and support workers

  • get help to understand how the criminal justice system works


Whatever type of support you choose, you will be listened to and believed.

The first step to reaching out for support will be different for everyone.

You can speak to someone over the phone or chat with someone online by contacting the services listed below – you might want to contact one which feels right for you and your needs.

We can provide a very specific situation and personal dedicated counseling to speak and to help you cope and digest your experience and feelings. 

Help Emotional Abused

There are a number of behaviours that can be considered emotional abuse. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Intimidation and threats. Shouting at someone, threats of violence or other ‘consequences’ and making someone feel inferior and unable to stand up for themselves.

  • Criticism. Name-calling, sarcasm and unpleasant comments around appearance and worth lower someone’s self-confidence.

  • Undermining. This could be dismissing someone’s opinions but is also a tactic to make someone feel like they’re being over-sensitive and denying their version of events. This can make a person doubt themselves, their memories and their judgement, impacting their mental health and wellbeing – a behaviour is known as ‘gaslighting’.

  • Emotional blackmailing. Usually, this is in the form of guilt-tripping a partner for making the abuser ‘feel bad about themselves, it could be in the form of withdrawal and sulking or even threats of suicide and other emotional outbursts.

  • Economic abuse. Withholding money, or the means to make money (by not letting someone get a job) is a way for an abuser to control a person, making them financially reliant on them.

  • Controlling your actions. Coercive behaviour is an act or a pattern of acts of assault, threats, humiliation and intimidation or other abuse that is used to harm, punish, or frighten the victim. Controlling or coercive behaviour does not relate to a single incident, it is a purposeful pattern of behaviour that takes place over time in order for one individual to exert power, control or coercion over another.

  • We offer specific counselling to identify and eliminate the abuse you have experienced.

  • There are as well several ways how to seek further help which we can give you advice and directions to choose the right way of help that suits your past and present situation.

  • if you know anyone that you believe is facing such abuse, do not hesitate to offer you help and let the person know about us.

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Help Financial Abused

Financial abuse involves controlling a victim's ability to acquire, use, and maintain financial resources. Those who are victimized financially may be prevented from working. They also may have their own money restricted or stolen by the abuser.

When most people think of domestic abuse, the first thing that comes to mind is likely verbal abuse and physical assault. But research shows that financial abuse occurs just as frequently in unhealthy relationships as other forms of abuse. In fact, a study by the Centers for Financial Security found that 99% of domestic violence cases also involved financial abuse.

What's more, financial abuse is often the first sign of dating violence and domestic abuse. Consequently, knowing how to identify financial abuse is critical to your safety and security.

For instance, if an abuser is particularly violent and the victim needs to leave in order to stay safe, this is difficult without money or a credit card. And if they need to leave the relationship permanently, it is challenging to find safe and affordable housing. They also struggle to provide for basic needs like food, clothing, and transportation.

Overall, financial abuse is very isolating because victims often become financially dependent on their abusers. This financial dependence traps them in the relationship. Without resources, they are unable to see a way out of their situation.

We can direct a person to escape and eliminate any traumatic effect that occurs afterward since financial abuse is often linked to other further ways of abuse.

Help with Anxiety, Depression or Stress

The most common form of therapy we offer is for anxiety, stress, and depression. Which is triggered in various ways.

Work, life situations, loss of a loved one, etc....

We offer a dedicated therapy service helping you to cope, relieve or eliminate your disorder, where and how possible. 

The sooner you come forward the more effective we can help you.

In some cases, this service will be paid for by health services.

Where such payment is not covered we offer a very affordable therapy service that is available to everyone in need.

Come in contact today so we can need help in form of personal dedicated therapy.

Phone or WhatsApp 07411457127

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  • Polite

  • Qualified

  • Trusted

  • Experienced

  • Productive

  • Passioned

  • Personalized

  • Prudent

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  • Charming

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  • Affordable

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  • Warmhearted

Help we need from you

In order to provide help, we need your support

At present, we seek urgent financial donations.


Every little help does not need to be a large sum when many contribute we can achieve a lot together. 

You can donate an amount of your choice and tell others to join and contribute too.


Since we are just been established and have past costs to register and form the charity, we are now starting to raise funds for projects and help that we aim to provide. 

Every individual, as well as business and company, is welcome to contribute.

Donations can be placed here:

Name:   YesSpect Movement

ACC:      156 76 405

SC:       60-83-71

IBAN:    GB58SRL60837115676405



Or use PayPal to place a donation (also debit or credit card)

Click Here

 We Help, Where Help is Needed

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