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We think in terms of opportunities instead of limitations

because success can only be achieved when having the right management

We specialized our knowledge and expertise in offering affordable and supporting services. 
Our services provide you with help, support, guidance, advice, teaching, and tailor-made management.
We start up a career and manage a career by buying out maximum productivity in a long-term contract.

Our service is provided to individuals who like to startup as well the newcomer, freelancers, professionals, V.I.P etc... Incl. training courses.
Offered to everyone who is or likes to become a: Model, Singer, Actor, Artist, Vlogger, Blogger, Brand-Ambassador etc... 

We offer as well Training Courses to start Financial Market Trading called FMT incl. a trading platform signup and full-skill teaching courses.

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Development Management

Brand Ambassador / Influencer (Promoter) Needed

Become a Brand Ambassador, Inluencer Today


Apply to know if you are at least 13 years or older and own an account on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube Channel. You must have a minimum of 1.000 Followers and have to know how to post photos, stories, clips, or videos. Your application needs to confirm/prove your age and add all social media links to your accounts and we reply within 24 - 48 hours.

Apply by WhatsApp at +447411457127 with your details and a good amount of photos and your social media links. Apply by email or find us on social media YesSpect TM


New Models Needed

You are already in a modeling career and seeking more work or you are a beginner. We have availability for you to join and work for. Brands, Label and Agencies are in need of new faces and we include our full talent and career management in it.

We seek you from age 13+ and all types of backgrounds.

No special type any specification is required.

You do not need to look in any way special or be extra tall or slim. You can big or small nowadays the modeling industry seeks all. As well people with a disability are welcome to apply. 

Apply by WhatsApp 00447411457127 with your details and a good amount of photos and your social media links.

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