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We have a Code of Ethics after which we operate:

We are obliged to:


  • Put our clients’ interests first, put their ideas and interests on how a career should look alike into close consideration when making decisions

  • We always work in a competent and ethical manner throughout.

  • We never force, never push and would never let anyone do what he or she would not like to.

  • Business clients will receive at all times an outstanding dedicated service which operates towards the success of the business output and the needs that a business client is bringing to our attention.

  • Teaching courses for talent and staff members are based on a high level of knowledge and are at all times specifically designed to suit your needs. We do NOT teach any kind of standard or basic or general – non-effective lessons. We make sure that our teaching is bearing the fruits that you gain and therefore, specify, and adjust it to what is needed.

  • We are aiming at all times to be the most flexible talent managers and make needed adjustments to suit your needs and requirements, which makes our solutions for your success a globally unique management concept.

  • The professional character for coaching and mentoring is the leading role, and position for those managers who are chosen to do so. They are given regular instructions and skill training to keep the level of knowledge to teach up to date.

  • Cooperation, communication, and trust are the beating heart of a professional management relation and must be shown by the management as well as by client at all times. The development of trust is the first step to form up a management relation which will steer the solutions for your success in the right direction.

  • You expect high-quality management; we expect to qualify yourself by following our direction, guidance, and support. You do know best, we do know better – together we know what the outcome will establish for you or your business and career.

  • We go the extra mile in order to achieve your goal; we need you to come along. Support can only work when it is accepted and acceptance is the result of consenting to receive or undertake something offered.

  • We keep the cogwheel working and make sure it is in alignment with you. We need you not to work against in order to lose a cog out of its wheel. Therefore, we will make sure every cog is in a correct relative position to work and function smoothly, and sturdy.

  • We are the most flexible and affordable managers you can find and most reliable in what we do.

  • We keep our knowledge up to date at all times to follow the time and market needs.

  • If we know we would not be able to be a solution to your needs, we would not allow ourselves to manage you. We are honest and proud to say that we are unable to help if we are unable to do so.

  • All our managers will choose their clients in a well-categorized form of assessment and make sure they will be able to manage, teach their clients, and support them in a way they expect it to be and beyond.

  • At all times, it is our aim to manage your success, steer your career, production, and goal in the right direction.

  • Our Managers will at all times be reasonable and careful with client’s relation, and the way of communication and acting. It is prohibited to form up personal relationships with a client in order to gain more respect or acceptance or sympathize with a client for personal gain.

  • Communication is the most needed form to keep success floating to its destination. Everyone MUST show communication in an exceptionally good way.

  • We would never participate in any rude, harsh manoeuvres and do not tolerate those who show such behaviour or attitude.

  • We are fair-trading and our aim is your success, we do not serve you - we support you.

  • We do not offer services - we offer qualified solutions based on a solid management concept for a variety of needs, situations, businesses and career directions.

  • We are associated with, well-known and established companies, and individuals but to keep each other’s reputation clean we do NOT show, advertise, mention and/or link any association, feeding, support or any other form of cooperation unless it has been agreed to do so.

  • Our clients (Talents) will and must fully comply with our code of ethics as the same applies to all associated managers, producers, and staff members. This also applies to businesses, organizations, and groups as well as universities that we manage, support and teach.

  • It is required of everyone to be at all times in time and if hindrance occurs you MUST notify within a reasonable time possible about your delay.

  • We do not accept any kind of Wait For Me character. We are keen to help you, YOU must be keen to receive help and do your part to receive it.

  • We do not want you to be proud, become someone or receive our management support and teaching. We need you to be proud to be part of a global team and a member that has been chosen to receive extraordinary support, management and teaching.

  • We would never be ashamed to throw someone out of the team and group if we notice they do not apply to the code of ethics.

  • All the managers that are working with us and are associated must have: Accountability, Integrity, Openness, Fairness, Flexibility, Respect, Leadership, Honesty, Objectivity, Selflessness and must of a natural friendly character


This means:


a) Accountability: You are answerable for your decisions, actions, and omissions.

b) Integrity: You always do the right thing.

c) Openness: You are open and transparent in your actions and decisions.

d) Flexibility: You are willing to modify the way you work and are willing to change, and compromise.

e) Fairness: You treat people always fair.

f) Respect: You treat everyone always with respect.

g) Leadership: You lead by a good example.

h) Honesty: You are always truthful and trustworthy.

i) Objectivity: You make choices on evidence and your best professional judgment.

j) Selflessness: You act in the public interest, not on your own.


  • We are always diligent in the exercise of our duties and responsibilities.

  • We treat information with respect and confidentiality.

  • We use our powers and authority lawfully and proportionately, and respect the rights of all individuals.

  • We use force only as part of our role and responsibilities, and only to the extent that is necessary, proportionate and reasonable in all the circumstances.

  • We show compassion and empathy to everyone.

  • Everyone in breach of this Code of Ethics will be with the immediate effect being terminated from working with us.


This code is valid since we started operating in the early 1932 and will ever be our code of ethics according to how we operate and expect clients to perform as well.


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